Rez Infinite Commercial License

To anyone who runs a VR Arcade or cybercafe, we offer a commercial license for Rez Infinite through Steam. Purchase this license for use in a public and/or commercial setting.

License Use Examples:
  • You charge users to play Rez Infinite at your VR arcade, bar, event, festival, etc.
  • You want Rez Infinite to be included in promotional events paid for by a commercial partner, like sponsored events, experiential experiences, etc.
Each purchase is valid for one station and each code is playable on standard PC desktop mode or in VR on Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

The commercial license is a subscription with an initial cost of $24.99 USD, and a recurring monthly cost of $24.99 USD each month, or the equivalent Steam conversion in your region.

If you own a cybercafe, VR arcade, or want to use Rez Infinite for commercial purposes, learn more about the program here:
To purchase the Rez Infinite commercial license, visit the Rez Infinite Steam store page.
Download Rez Infinite assets (logos and screenshots) here.
Use of our logo is only for promotional purposes and does not mean our endorsement. Assets cannot be modified in any way by adding your own logo on screenshots or trailers.

Please contact us for any questions on asset use or promotional opportunities.

More information:
Official Website:
Twitter: @enhance_exp
Instagram: @enhance_experience