Metacritic: #20 on Best PlayStation Games of 2023 list

In The 20 Best PlayStation Games of 2023 list by Metacritic, Rez Infinite came in at #20! It’s an honor to have Rez Infinite on PS5/PS VR 2 recognized among such amazing titles in a great year of releases. Thanks to everyone for the support!

#20 Rez Infinite (Metascore 87)

The virtual reality version of the stylish 2001 rail shooter Rez has landed on multiple platforms since 2016, finally jumping to the PSVR2 at that device’s launch in February of this year. Critics think it a definite improvement over the PS4/PSVR version.

“A perfect mix between contemporary art and videogame, now better because of Eye Tracking on PS VR2.” —Meristation