Area Capture Contest Grand Prize Winners

Last week, we narrowed our past winner entries down to four favorites and ran a Twitter poll asking for your help to choose the grand prize winner!

Grand prize winners receive the iam8bit exclusive Rez Infinite Vinyl/Book, a Japan-only Rez Infinite OST CD release signed by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, limited edition stickers, and their choice of an iam8bit Rez shirt.

Congrats to @rmx_dice for the Area X entry and winning the Grand Prize as chosen by our fans!

…and congrats to @SrRyteAway for retweeting our poll and winning the same Grand Prize package!

It’s been a great eight weeks and we hope you enjoyed the contest as much as we did. As we go into the holiday, don’t forget that the new Singularity PS4 dynamic theme is available for free.

And if you’re new here and haven’t yet gotten the game on PS4, get the Rez Infinite Digital Deluxe Holiday Bundle for a special price. (30% off!)

The Rez Infinite Digital Deluxe Holiday Bundle (PS4) includes:

  • Three different gorgeous Rez-related PS4 dynamic themes!
  • A seven-track Area X soundtrack (.mp3 files you can copy to any device via USB storage)!
  • Seven Rez-themed PS4 avatars