Singularity Dynamic Theme and Digital Deluxe DLC for PS4

To celebrate the holiday season, including our recent 1 year anniversary on PSVR(!), we’re offering the new Singularity PS4 dynamic theme for free until January 12, 2018!

This full-featured theme includes customized icons, sounds, and more.

Download it now from the PS Store (US $2.99 after promotion ends)
(Rez Infinite purchase not required.)



We also want to announce our Digital Deluxe DLC available now on the PlayStation Store.

Rez Infinite PS4 Digital Deluxe DLC (US $5.99):
– Three different gorgeous Rez-related PS4 dynamic themes!
– A seven-track Area X original soundtrack (.mp3 files you can copy to any device via USB storage!)
– Seven Rez-themed PS4 avatars



We’re feeling extra generous, so everyone who purchases Rez Infinite on PS4 before January 13, 2018 receives the Digital Deluxe DLC for FREE!

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